It was bound to happen sooner or later. There were obvious signals that perhaps I should have taken into consideration. Heck – I’ve talked about it on here at least a half dozen times. The Charter Bandwidth Police. Last week there was a message on our answering machine stating that I needed to call back […]

This past week has been full of chaos. Am I talking about the revolts happening in Egypt? Nope – closer to home. Canada. Political unrest? Nope – Internet bandwidth metering. You see, the Canadian Radio-Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved UBB (usage based billing) for the incumbent carrier Bell Canada in September. Competitive ISPs, which connect to […]

Without much fanfare or customer communications, it seems as though Charter has upgraded their bandwidth speeds for their cable Internet services with no additional cost to customers. I can’t complain too much about that, now can I?The new speed increases impact three of their broadband plans. Only “Lite” speeds remain unchanged: Lite: Remains the same […]


As announced yesterday in an exclusive from DSL Reports, Charter Communications will be implementing new usage caps for their broadband bandwidth. Broadband Reports has learned that Charter will be updating their acceptable use policy (AUP) next week, setting the stage for clear usage caps and potential overage fees. A source familiar with the plans tells […]

As being mentioned a bit more in the news lately… It looks like broadband bandwidth caps are being rolled out for real this time. This tidbit on Comcast looks to start the ball rolling starting October 1st… Charter – you need to look the other way: Cable Internet provider Comcast said Thursday it will begin […]


The news has been a buzz on some of the possibilities of Comcast starting to implement bandwidth caps for their cable modem users. Fair enough from the standpoint that many other organizations have reasoned previously. However – for the $30-60 most of us pay for usage doesn’t contain provisions for usage – if I want […]

A few months back I decided to move my Web hosting over to Media Temple for several reasons… More space, ability to host multiple Web sites on a single account (and not just with domain forwarding) along with a lot more disk space. However – the real cool part of MT is the usage of […]

I’ve come across a few pictures on my Internet travels that show before and after photos of glamor magazines and other such popular media distributions. This used to just be known as airbrushing the perfect skin for maybe somebody like Playboy or the likes… But digital is all but the norm now and my my […]

While taking in my daily RSS feeds, I came across a post from Matthew Mullenweg linking over to another Web post describing one of the better forms of communicating technical information to end users. A few months ago I read (also from a post on Matt’s site) about a hosting company called Media Temple that […]