More Charter Bandwidth Updates

Without much fanfare or customer communications, it seems as though Charter has upgraded their bandwidth speeds for their cable Internet services with no additional cost to customers. I can’t complain too much about that, now can I?The new speed increases impact three of their broadband plans. Only “Lite” speeds remain unchanged:

  • Lite: Remains the same at “up to” 1 Mbps/128 kbps
  • Express: Increases from 5/1 Mbps to 8/1 Mbps
  • Plus: Increases from 10/2 Mbps to 16/2 Mbps
  • Max: Increases from 20/2 Mbps to 25/3 Mbps

Based on an article by Phillip Dampier, Charter is also being a bit soft on previously announced bandwidth usage caps… Something I’m quite happy with but have spoken about such disappointment before. While I am currently passing over $60 a month for the Max speed, I’d be quite curious what their limited available offering of Ultra60 plan for 60/5 Mbps service would be like. At $140 a month, I won’t be all that tempted to test the waters. And for the most part, I seemingly already have faster Internet services than most corporate locations I visit. The issue isn’t my connection any more but rather the content providers.

Without any HD Winter Olympic coverage to worry about like a few summers ago along with ramping up on my new job (that is providing the need for a lot of ISO and software downloads) – I’ve actually been pretty lean on my bandwidth usage.

August of 2008 still holds the record… Does make me wonder if I could actually set the bandwidth faucet on full and pull down ~264 GB of data a day or close to 8 TB of bandwidth for the month. Whew! I think I’d get bored with trying to find enough stuff to download to keep that queue filled.

So positive vibes right now for Charter – even after spending an hour on the phone with their Customer Service slash retention team to renew my bundle pricing… (Don’t even get me started…)

And Charter Melissa – I hope you were able to finish your research project with your extra bandwidth!

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