As being mentioned a bit more in the news lately… It looks like broadband bandwidth caps are being rolled out for real this time. This tidbit on Comcast looks to start the ball rolling starting October 1st… Charter – you need to look the other way: Cable Internet provider Comcast said Thursday it will begin […]


It’s Monday now. That means that I’m already in my first day of no Olympics. I’ve been carefully getting in my several hours of High Def coverage a day (along with a few hours of standard definition… ugh…) and have enjoyed every bit of it. TiVo made it a joy to watch as I could […]

I used to swim when I was younger… Younger as in grade school & junior high. Lots of really early mornings to swim before school. Then weekends spent going to swim meets all over the region. I have a few medals and ribbons and what-nots. Even some nice heat-winning Coke and Pepsi cans… So you […]

Need your fix of Olympic goodness? Supposedly some 3,500 hours worth are going to be broadcast this year from China and sufficed to say, one person can’t really get 250 hours of coverage in a day just to make average. Thankfully technology has come to the rescue in terms of fulfilling Olympic gold for those […]