Bloom Energy & Their Box

I had the chance to catch a recent 60 Minutes episode that aired this past Sunday with a story about Bloom Energy. For a quick recap:


Essentially Bloom Energy is making the statement that:

The Bloom Box is a solid oxide fuel cell made by Bloom Energy that can use fossil fuel, bio-fuel or solar power to produce electricity on the site where it will be used. The current cost for each hand-made Bloom Box of the business size is $700,000-800,000. In the next stage, which will likely be mass production of home-sized units, Sridhar is hoping to bring down the cost of each of these home sized bloom boxes to under $3000.

Tomorrow is Bloom Energy’s product announcement after almost 10 years in development and over $400 million in start-up funding. With mostly successful tests with the likes of Google, eBay, and FedEx, it should be interesting to see exactly how this pans out… Almost as exciting as when I first heard about hydrogen-producing algae or oil-producing trash.

Stay tuned…

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