It's now been about a week since all of my HTPC parts arrived and I suppose it's time to divulge a little bit of my day-in-the-life drama of experiences. I do enjoy a bit of computer building as a hobby. Some might call me a computer geek in that I have a basement full of […]


Its been about 16 months since the last major computer purchase arrived at my house. That being said, I long debated on what the next addition to the family would be. First it was an internal discussion on the merits of PS3 versus HTPC (that would be Home Theater Personal Computer). That lasted for about […]

So that you don’t have to waste your weekend… I wasted mine. Sometime over the last Friday night network on my studio/office computer stopped working. First I thought my media server was just not working – but it turns out Windows was telling me my network cable was unplugged. I sighed. Long story short, turns […]