It’s been a rough past few days for me. You see, I have a strange need to know what the weather is and what it’s going to be. So much so that I actually have three weather stations in the house that provide both 7-day and 3-day forecasts and current temperature. You’ve probably seen the […]

I suppose if you’re going to do something you didn’t mean to do… this would be one way of feeling pretty stupid about it. I’m talking about accidentally purchasing the TomTom iPhone application from the Apple Store while trying to test out application sharing with a friend of mine. Essentially the iTunes Store’s Terms of […]


I’ve been a member of Netflix since the time of caves and torches. I love the service… Dropping movies into my queue so that I don’t have to remember what I want to watch keeps my head clear for other, more important thoughts. However, lately – Netflix seems to be slowly less interested in keeping […]