7-Day Weather Forecast – Where Are You?

It’s been a rough past few days for me. You see, I have a strange need to know what the weather is and what it’s going to be. So much so that I actually have three weather stations in the house that provide both 7-day and 3-day forecasts and current temperature. You’ve probably seen the 7-day models from a few years ago… Sharper Image had them available around Christmas time and I promptly put it on my Christmas list that year!

The 7-Day Forecaster continuously displays forecast data for 150 U.S. locations from AccuWeather.com — no PC or internet connection required. Always know daily high and low temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, UV index, pollen, and air quality alerts. This 7-Day model also features pollen and air quality alerts. Back-light changes color to indicate temperature at a glance.

Now you have to be saying – “There’s a hundred different ways to figure out what the forecast and weather is going to be! Just stick your head out the window, turn on the TV or GASP! Look it up on the Internet!!” – and you’d be right. But I’ve just grown to love my colorful forecaster and all of it’s semi-accurate forecasts. I think they even have some humor… (Tropical rainstorm in Saint Louis? And I’m all for being Sunny & Delightful)

But late this past Sunday night – the data provider in Saint Louis suddenly went quiet. No more updates. And now my temperature and forecasts are no longer working! I did submit a ticket and promptly received a response back from customer support:

Dear Dave,

We received the first reports from the area this morning.  We have contacted the wireless provider so that they can investigate.  We do not have a time estimate yet, but we will work to get the matter resolved as soon as possible.

Best regards,

– Brian , Customer Support

Whew! Thanks Brian!! Glad somebody is on it! I’m having a hard time with my forecasts falling off day by day…

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