Netflix Throttling

I’ve been a member of Netflix since the time of caves and torches. I love the service… Dropping movies into my queue so that I don’t have to remember what I want to watch keeps my head clear for other, more important thoughts. However, lately – Netflix seems to be slowly less interested in keeping me happy. You see – I think I’ve been unprofitable to them. I essentially watch too many DVDs., I even setup my TV with the best tv stand with mount available. How did I come to this confusion? I haven’t had a single movie ship from my queue in almost a week. Curious about this behavior – I Googled a few choice keywords and found Web sites have done calculations pinpointing such a phenomenon.

Netflix Throttle

To save you from my own dribble – check on the background of such an unfortunate realization on these Web sites: Essentially:

So what am I waiting on? Something so esoteric that Netflix probably only has one copy of a DVD? Naaaa… Movies like The Bourne Ultimatum and Shrek the Third.

Netflix Rental Queue

What annoys me the most is that I’ve had Bourne Ultimatum on my “Saved” movies queue since I heard it was coming out. It’s number 1 on my list and I’ve been sitting waiting for it to ship. Now perhaps since I have it listed as HD DVD it might be taking longer? But c’mon. People are waiting and Netflix can’t pick up a few more copies of a popular movie almost a month since it came out? Ugh.

I’ve only rented 14 movies in the last 30 days… And most of those only came from the bottom of my queue… I’m waiting a few more days with open slots until I’m pegged to cancel this membership… How in the world can I have unlimited movie rentals when my queue is full and Netflix isn’t shipping any movies? So I’m waiting now… to see when the first movie of 10 ship…

(Oops! Forgot to add my throttled tag…)

I’ve Been Throttled


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  1. Woooo WHO! Three new ones to ship… The Bourne Ultimatum? Nope… Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (#6), Waitress (#5) and The Santa Clause 3 (#4). ** sigh **

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