Hopefully by now you’ve noticed that the Web site URL has been updated from pulpfree.org to pulpfree.com. I think I have the redirects and updates completed so the Web site should look, act, and feel the same as before (might taste and smell the same as well…) I had the opportunity to purchase the pulpfree.com […]


So it’s not exactly 200 years… But this post marks my 200th update to this Web site. I thought I’d reflect a little about this momentous occasion… At least pull a few amusing facts that maybe even I didn’t know about. History PULPFREE.ORG was registered on March 25th, 2006. However, the first actual post on […]

It’s been in the works for a while – but the last few weeks really just bothered me in that the performance of my Web hosting has been so dismal that I’ve finally upgraded to a dedicated virtual machine from MediaTemple. I’ve sang the praises of MT before specifically around their GridServices offering – but […]

Ahhh… That feels better. I added another 100 pixels to the width of these pages… The images in my last post were getting a little cramped. Still have to hand it to Julien for his excellent Freshy Theme. Just… well – needed a bit more room!

If you scroll down a bit and look on the right hand side on the front page, you’ll see a new weather menu. I’m not sure what my obsession is with needing to know such information – but it’s there for all to see. Or just me to see… who knows! Thanks for the WeatherIcon […]