A few days ago I received a promotional e-mail from Zillow.com, an online real estate database, that had listings titled “No Turkeys Here! See Celebrity Kitchens”. I usually just delete e-mails from Zillow.com because it saddens me to know how much value my own home has lost according to their “Zestimates”. But since the preview […]


So my make believe girlfriend from American Idol has a new album out so she’s been making the media rounds lately. Saturday Night Live, this season’s American Idol, Good Morning America… along with magazines and radio visits. I’ve been listening to all the different versions of “My Life Would Suck Without You” and it’s getting […]

It’s your lucky day… I’m sharing not just one Earworm, but two! The single from Kimberly Locke “Fall” was actually released back in 2007 from her album “Based On A True Story“. I have to say, when visited a few Web sites to gather up the history of this song, I was a little disappointed. […]

American Idols Live “performed” this last Thursday at Scott Trade Center Auditorium. C and I were treated with tickets in one of the Club rooms so obviously I had to say yes. I’ve been a huge follower since my first obsession with Kelly Clarkson (or just the nice to look at Katharine McPhee): Well – […]