Wordle – What’s In Your Writing?

Since the exceedingly overuse of word clouds sprung up some time ago, I’ve been looking for a piece of that action. Of course, WordPress and any other blog systems have had those items built in for some time now… (Yes – take a moment to look at mine up on the right hand side there…)

But what I thought we be interesting is to not just have it related to blogs… But what about any sort of text… Essentially mathematics and statistics meet up with words. A look through some Web sites offered a little bit of hope. But it wasn’t until I came across Wordle did I find a site that was fun and easy to use… What did I use it for? Yeah – my blog! I’ll have to try out a few more text samples but for now, I’m happy with just the words from my own ramblings… Give it your own shot…

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