I grew up with Pac-Man. The Atari days – and oh yes… spending many a quarter or token in the arcades. I loved just walking around watching other people play… Spending a great deal of time with my all-time favorite Discs-of-Tron. So it was only fitting that for the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, Google celebrated […]


Since the exceedingly overuse of word clouds sprung up some time ago, I’ve been looking for a piece of that action. Of course, WordPress and any other blog systems have had those items built in for some time now… (Yes – take a moment to look at mine up on the right hand side there…) […]


The geek in me likes to keep track of numbers, charts, bandwidth, speed, etc. You get the idea (yes – charts too!) So in the past few months I’ve found a few Web sites that let you test your bandwidth speeds as many times as you want. I hit them every once in a while […]