Running Of The Brides

Our already world famous Lisa Merriman made the news in Boston again!!

Now in its 60th year, the annual Filene’s Basement Bridal Event draws crowds of hundreds in search of the perfect gown. Brides-to-be and their faithful bridesmaids, mothers, friends, and a few fiancés lined up today outside the Downtown Crossing store well before the sale started at 8 a.m., braving the ice and cold for a bargain on designer wedding dresses.

Bride Bridget Cuffney (left) from South Boston hoped to find something lacey and “designer for cheap.” Lisa Merriman from the Back Bay (second from left) was looking for a lacey halter top gown. Also pictured are Merriman’s fiancé, Bryan Barth, and Hilary Vandam, both from the Back Bay. Was Merriman worried about her fiancé seeing her dress before the wedding day? “We’re gonna get all the dresses, and when I’m trying them on he’s just going to have to turn around,” she said.

I truly enjoyed the matching fuchsia colors with Lisa leading the pack with a fully colored jacket in the midst of standard black overcoats! Even better is the fact that Lisa matches so well with the colors of our Web site as well! Congrats, Lisa! (Way to go Bryan, as well… For saying “no” to the pink do-rag!)

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