Excessive Storage Needs & Throw Away Server Builds

I like playing with software, hardware, servers, networking – you name it – I’ve probably done it. Lately I’ve been pondering how to increase my current 2+ TB of storage to something more useful. At least something more suitable to having the abilty to rebuild my servers without the possibilty of losing any of that data (I’m currently using MS built-in dynamic drives to extend 4+3 hard drives into primary and backup.)

So far I’m looking at:

  • Thecus High Performance NAS Server (5-bay SATA @ 3+ TB)
  • Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ (4-bay SAT)
  • New server build (Already have a few of those under my belt – thanks NewEgg!)

But now Microsoft’s Home Server product sneaked up on me and I’m in a delima… Should I push my primary file server requirements to a NAS or build another one from parts and play with Home Server or something more akin to a Linux NAS system (Such as FreeNAS and the likes…) I need lots of fast (and cheap) storage! (Really now – who doesn’t need 4+ TB of disk space for home usage??)

I suppose the real problem is about not being able to wait to get selected to beta test the Home Server software… I’ve been reading the forums, searching the Web, hitting the BT sites… nothing! Please… I need an invitation fast!! Heck – you couldn’t walk down the streets without getting hit upside the head with an ISO image of Vista – but where are the Home Server copies!! Help! 🙂

Of course, I’ve vmware’d what seems like a hundred Linux and Windows systems – so there’s no telling how much play time I’ll get either way. I think I like building systems for the fun of it… Because I don’t think I have to many online systems to show for it! That probably went for the two or three Symantec I3 systems I installed at home as well…


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  1. I, along with another 10,000 lucky campers, received my Beta invitation ID last night… Guess what you know I’ll be doing this weekend! Of course, our spare HP computer was just picked up by Jones so I’ll have to find another way to get a test install done… But that’s what weekends are for!!

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