New Opportunities

It was bound to happen… But this one wasn’t really planned. After 9 years working for Citi (Citicorp Mortgage, then CitiMortgage, then Citigroup, and then Citi… If you can keep them all straight!) – I’ve decided to change directions and take on a new opportunity with Hewlett-Packard (you can call them HP if you want…)


For my time at Citi I really did have a great job starting out doing Web support (dare I say it… Technical Webmaster) – a few years of UNIX Engineering (I’ll always love you first, AIX) – developed a great Enterprise Applications Management team (long live WebSphere) and the last several years as their Infrastructure Architect & Engineer. I’m really going to miss the 4 years of running Precise the most! (We’ll see how that looks in a few months…)


However – on Monday I’ll be starting as a Solutions Architect for HP and I’m sure to have new opportunities to enjoy. What is a Solutions Architect? A quick search of Google will lead you to a few Web sites… Some really funny guys on the Web say that “they don’t do much!” – I have to laugh at that… But I think in reality you can say that there are a lot of people out there that “not doing much” can be applied to. Me – I’m really looking forward to just absorbing a lot of new enterprise software technology, getting my hands dirty with new hardware platforms and other corporate cultures and just helping my team deliver value. (Is this job interview over yet?! LOL)

In all seriousness, though… it’s going to be a great challenge. I couldn’t have gotten here without a lot of great people. I’m expecting plenty more of that at HP – making working there just as rewarding…

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