Netflix Profile Removal

As it’s probably no surprise by now, I both hate Netflix and love them all at the same time. It’s similar to my relationship with Best Buy except that I don’t spend as much money with Netflix. Today I received a nice email stating that their profiles were going away in order to improve their Web site.

C and I actually love this feature. She gets to put DVDs in her queue, I put DVDs in my queue… Separate but very manageable. Heck – even her name shows up on the address label! I have to wonder what Netflix is doing to keep customers around? It’s not that I’m going to pack up and head to Blockbuster over this, but why take out features that users actually enjoy and use? (Thankfully having an AJAX enabled queue management system isn’t going away any time soon! I mean, using numbers to re-order your queue was a real pain in the… well – you know…)

I also thought it very clever for Netflix to place tracker information for anybody that clicked on the FAQ link… Maybe if I call the phone number, they can get my Caller ID as well…

It’s also good to see that others are a bit touched off by this as well… A quick few minutes on Google turned up another happy customer


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  1. they aren’t accepting any more comments on their blog – this pisses me off to no end.

    Huge mistake. I think I flipped when I read your email – you ever thought of this should be fired. not the best move guys. now I need to find another service. I thought the profiles what what made netflix the best and above the rest. you took away what made you special. Never heard of Vongo…. leaving in September. sounds like end of the year cut backs to make your profits look good. dumb…real dumb. don’t like customers much?

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