Christmas Fayre

  1. Christmas Fayre -:-- / 2:22

Christmas Fayre was one of my first original Christmas songs that I recorded in quite a while. The title came to me during a trip I took to England just before Thanksgiving in 1999. While riding to a party with some friends, we came upon a junction in the road with a directional sign painted, “Christmas Fayre.” I always used “Olde English” words as Christmas song titles, and I knew which song and Christmas CD those words belonged to.

The actual song contains a group of ostinato bells and choir pads with a rolling synth pop bass line. The lead line comes from a set of church bells, and the rest of the song rounds itself out with a grooving percussion track. It reminds me of a dark and clear, star-filled night just days before Christmas, where the bite of the cold wind hints at the coming of snow.