While tremendously over-exposed in the media now (but not soooo much a few months back), lovely “newcomer” Taylor Swift’s song Love Story still seems to be keeping itself on the Earworm playlist. The original version being “nice” and “country” sounding, once again it’s the overwhelming list of remixes that has moved it over to the […]


It's now been about a week since all of my HTPC parts arrived and I suppose it's time to divulge a little bit of my day-in-the-life drama of experiences. I do enjoy a bit of computer building as a hobby. Some might call me a computer geek in that I have a basement full of […]

It’s your lucky day… I’m sharing not just one Earworm, but two! The single from Kimberly Locke “Fall” was actually released back in 2007 from her album “Based On A True Story“. I have to say, when visited a few Web sites to gather up the history of this song, I was a little disappointed. […]

I’ve had this tune for a few weeks that brought me back to my Daft Punk days (don’t try to draw the correlations – you’ll probably simple make fun of me…) But I’m a sucker for vocoders and sine waves… Which Chris Brown’s “Forever” release has plenty of. I think it’s somewhere around #8 on […]