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I came across my first set of “MOD” files while I was working at Radio Shack back in my high school days. Guess that makes it around 1991 or so… While I could go into more details here about what MOD files are – I’ll let you peruse Wikipedia for more information. During those days I learned about what PC computers could do (I had only been using an Apple //e at the time) and did have some “down” time to use our “free” AOL accounts.

It was the time of Demoscenes and files that could only be downloaded with a 2800 baud modem. Life was grand! (I couldn’t keep the second phone line tied up for very long since it was our fax and credit card line!) So after spending more than enough time learning the Tandy Sensation! – I had a pretty decent collection of tunes that I’d record to cassette tape (GASP!) and then later to my first audio CDs (thanks to my trusty Zeos p90!! – I can’t believe there’s even a Wikipedia article for those!! LOL – The Pantera!!) The playback enjoy of choice was… MOD4WIN!


How beautiful. Sure does bring back the memories, doesn’t it? Well – it’s no longer around as the format has really fallen out of favor and is basically deemed a memory of old. Broadband, MP3 and almost unlimited computing power puts these types of files as pastime of the ages for most. There were a lot of good songs generated back then… The lost art will hopefully still have fans to keep the music alive…


As much for nostalgias sake more than anything – you can still run this application on Windows XP and older systems. Not sure about Vista but I can’t think of a reason it shouldn’t. While I actually purchased a version of this years and years ago (one of few Shareware programs I thought worthy of my hard-earned High School wage earned dollars) – you can download the last version (2.40 Beta) for free.

DownloadMOD4WIN – Version 2.40

Grab it and enjoy a few songs. Now to be fair – development stopped before other MOD formats arrived… So it can’t play files like .IT – you’ll need some other tracker players to do that… (I still use Winamp for playback since it’s so easy…)

If you are new to the format – I’ve included a few of my favorite tunes for you to enjoy as well (as original module files and easy to digest MP3 formats). Take a few for a spin and then search the remaining sites for more music… (Such as The Mod Archive and The Digital Music Archive)


For a few of my favorite tunes:

!Cube – Scotchman In A Skirt – XM format –Whiskey, bagpipes and a skirt, all that a Scotchman needs…

Purple Motion / Future Crew – When The Heavens Fall – S3M format – One of my all time favorites in a synth laced ambient tune…

Or by MP3 format below:

Download Play Play Low FidelityScotchman In A Skirt

Download Play Play Low FidelityWhen The Heavens Fall

Best wishes MOD4WIN…

(BTW – I found the old MOD4WIN Web site as well…)



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  1. i found your site after my brother reminded me about “Let It Linger”
    after a bit of searching, i found it, downloaded it, ungziped it, downloaded a player (xmplay34 in this case) and was able to hear it again possibly 10 years later.

    i can’t remember how i found out about the demoscene… but i’ve been a fan for a while and long to be able to code and maybe even make music someday and make my own demo. who knows?

    anyway, about your comment about not being able to watch the old demos…. i believe this to not be the case… all one needs is a good emulator! :o) in the case of the PC demos, i’ve had much success w/ DOSBox. (it’ll even emulate a Gravis UltraSound which i never owned, but would check ebay for one every now and then!!! now i don’t have to worry about it! — ok, i’m saying this w/o any proof at the moment.. maybe the music is affecting me too much.)

    thanks for these posts about the demoscene.

    peace & 42

  2. Just got MOD4Win running on windows 7 pro 64 bit
    using Microsoft Windows virtual pc in win xp mode
    runs just like it always did
    unfortunately this wont work for people with Windows 7 home and basic
    Microsoft only lets you run the Virtual pc on Windows 7 Professional or greater
    if your running the 32 bit version of windows 7 you may be able to run it without virtual win xp mode
    just use win xp compatibility mode

    of course you can always play them in XMPlay but its just not as cool as Mod4Win

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