Since the whole election (should) be wrapping up tomorrow, I thought I’d take a final moment to add another campaign item that I’ve found interesting. Obamabats is a font that has 24 dingbats of Barack Obama along with some other patriotic design elements that you can use in making your own Obama media art.

Without any real effort you can now make lasting images for any use… From Jeff Domke’s Web site:

If you walk through Brooklyn, you can find several massive Obama paintings/graffiti pieces on garage doors and old brick walls. Inspired by this notion (and time between freelance projects) I decided to create a collection of dingbats that would allow anyone to easily build similar artwork.

Honestly – even the Obama campaign has done an excellent job at having downloadable media assets available… logos, signs, posters, 4-color EPS files… McCain’s Web site… Not so much… If anything it does show a bit of how the each of the candidates have embraced technology for their campaigning efforts…

Now it’s off to go make some more posters…

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