Items For Sale – Roland M-VS1 Sound Module (Vintage Synth)

The time has come to shrink some of my project studio down… I’m going to be selling some of my older MIDI gear in an attempt to simplify a bit… I’m getting my gear in order and first order of business is to get the demo songs recorded (to show not only how they sound… but that they’re still in working order…)

The Roland M-VS1 Sound Module has three demos (I’ve recorded all of them straight out of the back… and converted to MP3…) No processing was done to the sound except for max peak normalization…

Right now these are place holders so I’ll be getting more modules and photos up…


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  1. I live in St. Louis Spanish Lake area. I produce gospel music for many different artist and I would love to add your sound module to the studio! I can meet you on tomorrow after work. I’d love to use the sounds in my future productions! If you haven’t shipped it to Philip, then I’m prepared to purchase it if it’s still for sale. Thank you very much, Demond.

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