Free Refills At White Castle

Free Soda IconFor the past few years a friend and I had a fairly sound pact when it came to one thing… soda refills. We both agreed (for the most part) that if a restaurant or other type of eating establishment did not offer free soda refills that we would essentially black list them. Rarely did this ever happen… but knowing that both of us drink our fair share of soda during lunch or dinner – this seemed to a rather ridiculous way to pass the time… This rule mostly came by way of those “fancy” restaurants that don’t advertise this “per glass” charge and then drop a bill for $20 for what amounts to 10 cents of syrup and fizzy water.

So it was to my great delight that a long established eatery, White Castle, seemingly has done away with their “no refill” policy and proudly displayed their very own “self-serve” soda dispenser out into the main dining area for all the merry drinking one could enjoy. Now lest this turn into the merits of eating sliders – let’s focus on free refills.

(And yes – by admission of going to White Castle without knowing the free refills existing – I didn’t really follow my own black list rules, now did I?)

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