Conspiracy – Beyond Expectations

Today I’m going to start linking to some of my favorite “demos” that I’ve found over the last few years. Actually – I’ve been downloading and playing these animation and music selections from way back in the 90’s when I first discovered them on AOL. Most of those that I remember are no longer around or won’t work under today’s more “modern” operating systems. However, I have a few more recent entries that I’ve hung on to that I feel merit a few words, screenshots and links.

This first entry comes from a group called Conspiracy and is called Beyond Expectations. The amazing part of this demo is that it’s only 64kb in size. (Please feel free to checkout if you want more background on different types of demos.) The demo does a great job at using particle effects and providing the illusion of flying by planets, through solar systems and eventually the universe. Click on the thumbnails below for larger screen captures:

Beyond Final - Screenshot 1 Beyond Final - Screenshot 2 Beyond Final - Screenshot 3

Download – Conspiracy – Beyond Expectations

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