Slippers = Old Man Shoes All you need is a nice pair of black socks and the ensemble is complete… Well – these slippers bring to light a whole new thinking on what slippers should be. Now granted – you have your fuzzy dog slippers and the like – but now we’re talking about loaves […]

In my recent wanderings I’ve come across a few more pieces of “stuff” that seemed fun enough to toss into my “want” pile. Probably ranging around $8-$10 each, I’m sure if I “really” wanted them a quick stop over to Amazon would get them delivered to me in no time flat. So I should really […]


Only in the new age of spin politics would we even come close to seeing a “superhero” action figure just a few weeks after the Republican VP accouncement of Palin (just look at those legs!). The Sarah Palin Action Figure courtesy of I wonder if they could make a Palin doll that you could […]

I came across this photo a short while ago and thought it was pretty funny. I mean – who has that much trash laying around their office? (Maybe a mini USB paper shredder would be better for me…) Seems as though a few sites have them so I’m sure I could turn my “want” into […]


A new item to add to my want list… A simplistic, yet amazingly ingenious invention! Why didn’t anybody think about a Bic Pen utensil set before? One of the winners of the Dining in 2015 international design competition–co-organized by Design Boom and Macef, Italy, was ‘din-ink’ by Andrea Cingoli, Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Cristian Cellini & […]