Can’t seem to go wrong with pop songs with the use of brass bands and piano, right? Today’s selection has been floating in my head (and much to my wife’s ears as well) for the last few weeks. It comes from Sara Bareilles as her second album’s first single King Of Anything. For her sophomore […]


There’s been a rash of bubblegum pop songs floating through my Earworm efforts lately. This time around is really no different but I am back to my British girl band issues. Back last year I stumbled upon The Saturdays “Issues” single off their first album and really noticed that it was only tolerable as a […]

During these Christmas days – I should actually be putting up some new and exciting Christmas songs… But not today (we’ll see if there’s an updated Top 10 list hovering around somewhere…) Today is about a Swedish Pop singer named Emilia de Poret. This particular song, “On Fire” struck me pretty quickly but it was […]

While tremendously over-exposed in the media now (but not soooo much a few months back), lovely “newcomer” Taylor Swift’s song Love Story still seems to be keeping itself on the Earworm playlist. The original version being “nice” and “country” sounding, once again it’s the overwhelming list of remixes that has moved it over to the […]