While tremendously over-exposed in the media now (but not soooo much a few months back), lovely “newcomer” Taylor Swift’s song Love Story still seems to be keeping itself on the Earworm playlist. The original version being “nice” and “country” sounding, once again it’s the overwhelming list of remixes that has moved it over to the […]

Yes… I’m a bit behind on getting a few of my latest Earworm entries added… These have been sitting waited to be added since the end of October!! What was I thinking?? I first heard this piece of music while flipping through YouTube for a demo of LittleBigPlanet – a PS3 video game. To be […]

While flipping through the “What’s Popular” on YouTube this morning I came across a pretty amazing Fan-made trailer for Thundercats. I chuckled to myself when I watched it thinking “A little corny…” – Then a bit further into the trailer I realized that it was made from other film clips. Hats off to WormyT on […]

With fold out chairs and brownies, we enjoyed a third year of fireworks at Chesterfield Mall. While better than last year (but not quite as good as our first year) – our new Casio EX-S10 digital camera not only took pretty decent fireworks pictures… It made a pretty decent video of the finale as well! […]