Continuing my obsession with burgers of any kind… I came across this delight… Well – perhaps without the tomatoes, lettuce and mayo… or the peppers… Or pickles… How about just the meat and cheese, please! (I am picky – but we’re talking fantasy burger here…) Of course, with both Chicken and Beef on this masterpiece […]

A quick Sunday out provided us a bit of shopping and a chance to get out of the house… Knowing that being out and about usually involves finding a place to eat, the drive up and down Manchester in Ballwin provided us an opportunity to view a large white truck with the words “Gyros” on […]


So this place called the Heart Attack Grill comes out with some burgers a few months ago that are essential the “Greatest Burger Ever Made” (well – I made that up…). The waitresses dress like nurses (skimpy in that manner – like girls on Halloween!). And now real nurses are complaining about their outfits. You […]