True Beauty? Or Is it?

I’ve come across a few pictures on my Internet travels that show before and after photos of glamor magazines and other such popular media distributions. This used to just be known as airbrushing the perfect skin for maybe somebody like Playboy or the likes… But digital is all but the norm now and my my my… you can do a lot with Photoshop. While I’ll admit to being pretty good back in the days of version 4 & 5 (that should tell you how long I haven’t been doing Photoshop work!) – it’s truly amazing what’s being shown as fashionable.

Now, I like a pretty face. There’s also some of that built in human desire to beauty. But I also think I now the differences in expectations from real to “too perfect”. So what’s my point? This Web site – iWANEXStudio – is a portfolio artist that turns pretty good into perfect. Question is – is it too perfect? You be the judge…

i1-1.jpg i1-2.jpg

Couldn’t leave my Kelly Clarkson alone…

i2-1.jpg i2-2.jpg

And one of the more striking ones…

i3-1.jpg i3-2.jpg

Their Web site has these and others in a mouse roll-over for the full effect. I have to say – looks great… Realistic expectations? That’s another post. I leave you with this extreme YouTube video version (from a different person altogether…)


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