The Saturdays – Ego (Almighty Radio Edit)

There’s been a rash of bubblegum pop songs floating through my Earworm efforts lately. This time around is really no different but I am back to my British girl band issues. Back last year I stumbled upon The Saturdays “Issues” single off their first album and really noticed that it was only tolerable as a remix. While their sophomore follow-up effort “Ego” doesn’t suffer from this issue, I did find the Almighty Radio Edit a bit more fun to enjoy. (I couldn’t just put both song samples up here, now could I?)

So there’s a little bit of eye candy… It helps make up for the fact that there’s five girls standing around pouting while the cameras pan around the music video. Maybe they took some of my lessons learned from my Idols Live “How-To” post. No matter, this is a good song that I’ve enjoyed playing over and over a few times… It wasn’t even until today that I looked up their video to see if all of them were singing!


So now we’ve had some visual efforts, let’s get to the audio sample:

Download Play Play Low FidelityEgo (Almighty Radio Edit) – The Saturdays – (Song Sample)

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