Taylor Swift – Love Story (J Stax Edit)

While tremendously over-exposed in the media now (but not soooo much a few months back), lovely “newcomer” Taylor Swift’s song Love Story still seems to be keeping itself on the Earworm playlist. The original version being “nice” and “country” sounding, once again it’s the overwhelming list of remixes that has moved it over to the Pop and Dance side. I think I now have some 30 versions of the single that each have some decent pieces to like – it was this J Stax Edit that made it’s way online here.

Taylor Swift - Love Story (J Stax Edit)

The video is actually a nice way of showing Romeo & Juliet if not predictable. At least Taylor’s hair is out of the way for most of the video as most of her, yet again, over exposure has it falling all over the place. While I’m sure you don’t need to have links to the song sample now, here it is anyway…

Download Play Play Low FidelityLove Story (J Stax Edit) – Taylor Swift – (Song Sample)

And the 13+ million viewed video:


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