Pink – Please Don’t Leave Me (Digital Dog Club Mix)

A little more pop music… But don’t let Pink hear about me calling this music pop instead of rock because she’d probably kick my… well you know. Here’s another more recent single release from her Funhouse album called Please Don’t Leave Me. I will say that I cringe a bit when I hear the original album version on the radio or even when I stumble upon it flipping through my music collection. It seems sparse and unfinished when she’s singing some of the song flourishes… Something similar to when I hear a song transition to another key at the end of the chorus just for the sake of changing keys.

Pink - Please Don't Leave Me (Digital Dog Club Mix)

In any case – this Digital Dog remix is what’s been keeping my attention (as you’ve probably already known that about remixes.) Digital Dog (Steve Cornish and Nick Mace) have had a few top dance tracks to keep them busy (including one of my previous Earworm listing of Saturday’s “Issues” selection.) So skip the original and go with this remix sample:

Download Play Play Low Fidelity Please Don’t Leave Me (Digital Dog Club Mix) – Pink – (Song Sample)

So it has to be possibly Pink’s raspy voice, continued presence in music, and the recent “E! True Hollywood Story” that gave me a bit more reason to listen in to what Alecia Moore has to sing about… And she just kicks… well – you know! (Even better when you learn how she got her nickname Pink… It’s not because of her hair…)

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