Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love

Today must be a good day… Probably trying to increase my post to days ratio – but nonetheless – you’re getting a few posts today!

The first Earworm comes courtesy of Leona Lewis, winner of the 2006 X Factor reality series (Think American Idol for England… You have to love Simon Cowell). While technically released as the biggest-selling single in the UK in 2007, it’s only recently (March 2008) has the single hit the US shores.

I probably came across this single in early February and was intrigued by it enough to hold onto it and place it into my listening list. While it wouldn’t win any composition awards (essentially the same hook over and over) – the lyrics are catchy and Leona’s vocal skills also very easy to listen to… While being compared to Whitney Houston already (heck – there’s possibly a bit of Mariah Carey or Celine Dion in there as well) – I’ll leave a bit of time to see how well she does…

No need to wait anymore… Here is your tune…

Download Play Play Low Fidelity Bleeding Love (Part 1) – Leona Lewis – (Song Sample)

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