Jennifer Paige – Beautiful Lie (Featuring Nick Carter) (Extended Mix)

Once again I’ve been a bit amiss on keeping up with my song samples… However – this song from Jennifer Paige popped onto my desktop a few weeks ago and has managed to wind itself around my eardrum for the last few days.

You may remember Jennifer Paige from the 1998 hit “Crush” and I will admit that some of the later remixes have made it into my own favorites list. However – that was more than 10 years ago and while I enjoyed a few tracks off her “Positively Somewhere” album – even that was 2002.

Jennifer Paige - Beautiful Lie (Featuring Nick Carter) (Extended Mix)

So now comes out this new single that was released as part of Jennifer’s deluxe edition of her album “Best Kept Secret” which I will admit I haven’t even taken a listen to…

But in this case – this new song has some potential. I have the feeling that it’ll stick around for a little while as a decent Pop song – but I’m cautious on the questionable staying power. Nevertheless – take it around the block on your own…

Download Play Play Low Fidelity Beautiful Lie (Featuring Nick Carter) (Extended Mix) – Jennifer Paige – (Song Sample)

And yes – no mention of Nick Carter… This isn’t about Backstreet Boys now is it? Besides – he doesn’t add much interest to this song anyway…


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  1. I guess it depends on your viewpoint as to whether Carter adds “interest” to the song. He cowrote the song with Paige and the producer Carl Fulk. There aren’t too many duets that have caught my ear recently-but this one has. Their voices blend very well together, great harmonies and good vocal arrangement. While this is a pop song-frankly I think it would do better in the States in the country genre. The song is doing very well in Europe though.
    I’ve seen the video for the song–before copyright issues forced it off youtube–and the two have great chemistry on screen.

  2. Maris – you’re absolutely correct on the harmonies and good vocal arrangement. I have to admit I didn’t do as much homework on who wrote the song (shame on me…) so in that case – Carter should be given some credit. Just that his vocals seemed a bit dull… Perhaps a bit limited compared to some of the life that Paige brought to the song.

    I would be interested in seeing a few other remixes of this song as well… I only got my hands on the original and extended versions – and an upbeat country version might be well done as well.

    I poked a bit around for a video – and while I usually link one up, it seemed a bit dull… Perhaps with your feedback, there’s reason to take another look through.

  3. Here’s the only video still up that I can find–fun treatment considering the Hollywood Burgler Bunch now in jail in California. Let’s face it-this song is Jennifer Paige FEATURING Nick Carter on her album. Hardly the time to showcase Nick’s voice over Jennifer’s. At least here, his voice is distinctly his and blends well with hers, not all but muted out as in his “duet” with Tommy Lee.

  4. I never heard about Jennifer Paige before this song, and I found it through videos of the Backstreet Boys. So I love the song it’s great, I love more the verses than the chorus I have to say. Nick is great, Jennifer is great,the song is amazing I keep repeating it. I wish I had the complete video.

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