James Morrison – Broken Strings (Featuring Nelly Furtado)

So it’s a holiday weekend and I figured a perfect time to catch up on my Earworm efforts. The remainder of these surely a few months old by now – but I’m taking up the challenge to get these done! No more excuses… (for now…)

Broken Strings (Featuring Nelly Furtado)

For this hour’s selection I’m providing a quick listen to James Morrison’s Broken Strings. The song was first passed over at first listen (I go through only the first 5 seconds or so before “making up my mind”) but came back around after catching it on my iPod once again. While Morrison’s singing is actually quite good – it’s clearly the unique voice of Nelly Furtado that keeps this track refreshing. Nelly clearly adds her personal touch to her voicings and harmonies that make the duet meld quite nicely.

(I mean – this is pop music – what’s not “nicely” about it?)

So now it’s up to you to enjoy a quick sample:

Download Play Play Low Fidelity Broken Strings (Featuring Nelly Furtado) – James Morrison – (Song Sample)

I’m listing the video as well but it’s a bit cheesy in that it’s too literal… Fires in a hotel room? Oh well…

And yes – I know it’s Nelly’s picture up there and it’s not really “her” song – she’s just easier to look at than James is… Sorry James…