Heart Attack Grill – Triple Bypass Burger

So this place called the Heart Attack Grill comes out with some burgers a few months ago that are essential the “Greatest Burger Ever Made” (well – I made that up…). The waitresses dress like nurses (skimpy in that manner – like girls on Halloween!). And now real nurses are complaining about their outfits. You think they’d complain about the burgers!

The waitresses wear skimpy, cleavage-baring outfits, high heels and thigh-high stockings — a male fantasy that some nursing organizations say is an insult to the profession.

Well, the point of this randomness of a post isn’t about who’s complaining about death, burgers and short nursing outfits, it’s about this picture:

Heart Attack Grill - Triple Bypass Burger

Man… I WANT ONE! Doesn’t that look good? OMG – oooohhh yeah… Figures that I’m a burger guy…

“They definitely look at us, but they’re guys,” Courtney Chapman said. “If our butts are coming out the bottom of our skirts, and our boobs are coming out the top of our shirts, we’re kind of asking for it.”

Yeah… I guess I could like that too… But it’s still about the burger!

nurse4.jpg nurse5.jpg nurse6.jpg nurse11.jpg


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  1. I tell you what… Every time I’m flipping through my Web site to make sure everything is still working… I come across the picture of the burger at the top of this page and say:

    “Man… That burger looks delicious!”

    And I drool a little bit. Then look at the girls below! But doesn’t that burger look yummy!

  2. 2nd Heart Attack Grill Victim? Woman Collapses While Eating Burger

    For the second time in two months, a customer at Las Vegas’ Heart Attack Grill collapsed mid-meal and was carted off to a hospital.

    The female customer, a Las Vegas resident in her 40s, had been devouring a “double bypass burger,” puffing on cigarettes, and sipping a margarita when she collapsed Saturday night, the Grill’s owner told ABC News.

    The woman is recovering from her medical emergency but — like the man who collapsed at the same Grill in February — she likely won’t be able to sue for her medical bills.

    First, it’s not yet clear what caused the lady to collapse at the Heart Attack Grill. (That’s different from February’s collapse, which was determined to be an actual heart attack.)

    Next, there’s a lack of scientific evidence that eating an artery-clogging hamburger can trigger an imminent heart attack, ABC News reports. But a greasy diet can add to the risk of a heart attack — along with smoking and other lifestyle factors.

    Then there’s the legal doctrine of assumption of risk — when someone freely and knowingly accepts the possibility of injury for taking part in an activity.

    At the Heart Attack Grill, signs warn customers that “This Establishment is Bad for Your Health.” Customers also arguably know what they’re biting into when they order a “double bypass burger,” which comes with two half-pound burger patties and bacon (with the option of adding even more bacon).

    The Heart Attack Grill’s owner says he hopes the woman who collapsed makes a full recovery. “She was eating, drinking, smoking, laughing, dancing, having fun,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “But when you treat your body like that day in and day out, eventually your body is going to give out.”

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