Enchanted Soundtrack

Definitely not new… and knowing that this soundtrack came out in 2007 -there are still a few tunes continue to get stuck in my head each time I watch Enchanted. Yes – a sappy Disney romance that mixes decades of even Disney’s own cliches… But no matter, they’re called earworms for a reason! And Amy Adams is enticingly infectious in her happy, go lucky views on life and love.

So enjoy my own celebrated selections that show Alan Menken truly has a gift of melody…

Enchanted Screenshot 01

Enchanted Screenshot 02

Enchanted Screenshot 03

Enchanted Screenshot 04

The score selections…

Download Play Play Low Fidelity Girls Go Shopping – Alan Menken – (Song Sample)

Download Play Play Low Fidelity That’s How You Know – Amy Adams – (Song Sample)

Enchanted Screenshot - Carrie Underwood

And Carrie Underwood’s selection…

Download Play Play Low Fidelity Ever Ever After – Carrie Underwood – (Song Sample)

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