Emilia De Poret – On Fire

During these Christmas days – I should actually be putting up some new and exciting Christmas songs… But not today (we’ll see if there’s an updated Top 10 list hovering around somewhere…) Today is about a Swedish Pop singer named Emilia de Poret.

Emilia De Poret - On Fire

This particular song, “On Fire” struck me pretty quickly but it was one of her remixes that got me hooked… Kind of a cross between Yaz and Sonique… However – after a few more listens to try and find a 30-second sample, I really enjoyed the original version a bit more than these remixes… I’ll probably spend a little more time to try and find some better remixes – but for now, I’ll leave you with this bit…

Download Play Play Low FidelityOn Fire – Emilia De Poret – (Song Sample)

And a music video for your viewing delight…


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