Cee Lo Green – I Want You & Satisfied

Everywhere it seems Cee Lo Green’s F*ck You song is being played or referenced to. I heard it some time ago but I really didn’t get into the groove with it until I heard Sara Bareilles sing a cover of it when she was playing live in Saint Louis. (Even better, Sara didn’t even cover up the “Forget You” part – she sang it full strength!) Then it hit Glee with Gwyneth Paltrow singing as a substitute teacher (in short skirt and glorious boots, mind you) and yes, now it’s everywhere.

But this isn’t an earworm entry about F*ck You – it’s about Cee Lo Green’s other great songs on his album, The Lady Killer. First pass through I really only skipped to his F*ck You song and was happy and settled with THAT song getting stuck in my head. But I thankfully took a second listen around a few months later and found myself on tracks 7 & 8. To be fair, Cee Lo Green is cashing in on his F*ck You song (and he should be!) but he’s a got a few good grooves going on with “Satisfied” and “I Want You” – the focus of this earworm entry.

Both tracks are repetitive to be sure and Cee Lo – sorry buddy, not that great of a singer. But he does have a unique sound to his voice and the soulful comps to his tracks are quick to be enjoyed. Hopefully Cee Lo will be releasing one of these tracks as a next single before he only gets known for F*ck You. I’m also curious to see when a few other arrangements or remixes for “I Want you” will be coming out since the backing horn tracks get a little annoying the 4th or 5th time through.

So enjoy this bit of Cee Lo Green that doesn’t require any asterisks or censure to get played!

Download Play Play Low Fidelity I Want You – Cee Lo Green (Song Sample)

Download Play Play Low Fidelity Satisfied – Cee Lo Green (Song Sample)

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