Brandy – Right Here (Departed)

It’s been a little while since I last shared in my stuck song efforts. This one popped into my desktop this afternoon and has already been moved to the front of the pack. I heard a few months back about Brandy getting a new CD ready (called Human – releases in November) – probably from Yo! on E! or something… Who knows… But in any case – it’s a fun song that I think is a good start out after being quiet for awhile. (Still always liked The Boy Is Mine…)

So here comes your 30-second clip… get to it!

Download Play Play Low Fidelity Right Here (Departed) – Brandy – (Song Sample)


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  1. Departed is a heart felt to the soul song, the video was shot 3 days after the song was made and appears to be a little weak with emotion and content, but not to take away from the song itself. The song was released August 17, 2008. The video was shot actually August 20, 2008. The song lyrics speak to different people about different things in their life, not that it was meant to. Relationships, loss of someone or just going back to something are all evident in this tune. It’s the kind of tune you play over and over, and it’s the kind of tune that can make you cry in a moment of weakness. ***** five stars for the song. ** 2.5 stars for the video.

  2. Mark – I’d agree with you on the video… I just watched it on YouTube and was pretty disappointed… She looked pretty confused in the high heels and mostly just stands in place shaking and waving her hands. Oh well… The song is still pretty good!

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